Friday, June 12, 2009

Blog Genesis

So here goes my first blog...

I must start with a confession: I have been far more interested in making it pretty than in actually writing something. (The writing part admittedly has seemed daunting.) I have quite literally created 12 different headers (in various color palettes, of course!), and was prepared to put off the writing even longer while I came up with a name for myself and created a graphic signature (which I still don't have...). But anyway, here I am.

I have been inspired to blog by Ruby Red Slippers, a friend from high school I have recently reconnected with, and her beautiful blog,

Which is actually the segway into the topic of this, my first blog.

RRS recently had a book giveaway on her blog. Two Emily Giffin books, "Something Borrowed," and "Something Blue." A pairing of books detailing the splintering of a friendship, with each book representing one friend's perspective. I lost the giveaway, but was intrigued by the concept of the books.

Certainly in life friendships change, sometimes by geography or sometimes because our lives shoot off in different directions. Then there are others that are simply (or quite complicatedly) lost. In my life I have "lost" two friends. One I grieved for quite some time. To this day, I still consider this friendship to be one of great impact in my life
. I would gladly welcome her back into my life at any time. The other loss turned out to be an immensely freeing blessing in disguise. A loss God used to finger something in my life that needed some work. The loss of these friendships is what prompted my interest in these books.

So, after losing the giveaway, I headed to Borders in Birmingham (my favorite bookstore) to read a few chapters of the books to see if I liked them. I COULDN'T PUT THEM DOWN. So I bought them and then headed to Godiva to make the night complete.

Oh, yeah, did I mention that while heading in to buy dangerously caloric chocolate, I saw my trainer walking in the mall outside the Godiva entrance? Did I ALSO mention that I was simultaneously dropping and picking up coins while heading into the place of my iniquity? NO WAY he could miss me. EGAD!

Anyway, I'm off to a perfect night of reading, a spot of English Tea, and fabulous chocolate!


Anonymous said...

My Blog
Thanks for your share
Nice to meet you

Hsinchu, Taiwan

Ruby Red Slippers said...

What a great first post-If I guess correctly, you are busy reading those books (!!!). Don't forget to shower, or pick up...I HEAR that that can happen when people start those novels. Not that I would know anything about that...
I do.
You can go a lot longer without a shower than you think while reading those books-but people may complain a bit!

Linda Rocco said...

Hi Lin from the east coast love your blog! I read and know what's it like to lose a hurts. No way about that ....

Congrats on your baby girl.

Looking forward to see some new posts :)