Thursday, June 25, 2009

15 Years and Counting

Today I celebrate 15 years married to my best friend. My best friend who upon first meeting me decided that I must be shallow due to the fact that my hair was frizzy. Disclaimer: It was still cool to get perms then AND it was a particularly humid day. But that's okay. I thought he was way too quiet. Of course, MY initial conclusions were correct, but he found out pretty quickly that I was indeed quite deep. He had such a reserved diplomatic presence that I spent much of those early days trying very hard to elicit some kind of over the top reaction from him. It never happened.

But here is what I can tell you today: I am married to a man whose logical mind and calm nature I have come to rely on. A man who has made many a sacrifice to help me see my dreams come to fruition. A man who has walked with me through difficult times of healing, has believed big things for me, encouraged me, been a rock for who has seen the best of me, and the ugly of me and still somehow counts it a blessing to sit across a table from me 15 years later. The kind of person about whom you say to yourself, "I need more years with you." Here's to 15 more!

Update: he is significantly less quiet now (as a result of all this time with me, I'm certain). I, gratefully, stopped getting perms about 16 years ago and have sworn them off EVEN if they come back in fashion.



Ruby Red Slippers said...

Happy anniversary!!!What a sweet tribute to your marriage, and your hubby.

Becca said...

You both have no idea how much I deeply respect and admire you. I love you both to no end. I shed a tear reading this today. It is because I know you both and have had the opportunity to truly be the best of friends with you. With that comes true disclosure- which few people experience in what they term "friendship". I am thankful for sharing your life with me. A tear ran down my cheek today because I know you both have loved each other deeply and when the going got rough.. you both just loved. And that is the true beauty of marriage isn't it... now that you have 15 years.. you actually can look back and see where God has brought you from.. how He has changed you both... it is awesome! I love you! Congrats my friends...