Monday, June 22, 2009

Favicon Obsession

See that little image of a Fleur de Lis next to my website address? No? I'm not surprised, since it only measures 16x16. PIXELS that is.
And until a day or so ago, I had no idea that they were called Favicons. I have always thought they were neat, and became really curious about how to go about making my own. I know that there are people who can make them for you inexpensively, but my mind is such that I really enjoy figuring things like this out for myself.

Hand the job over to someone who has done this a million
times? Nope, not me. I really enjoy learning things by experiment - and figuring out why they don't work as expected. While I do not know code or web really well (i.e.: at all), one thing I am really good at is figuring out graphics software, so I plowed ahead.

So while it is only a 16x16 image, it is an accomplishment (for me) because it is one more thing I have figured out how to do on the web. I am sorta like the language student who can now say to every native speaker, "My name is..."

To Do List: Learn HTML.


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Ruby Red Slippers said...

I don't know what a flavacon is still....