Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wouldn’t it be nice...

If everyone were as glad to see you as your baby?

If life could stay on a baby's trajectory-where every day you discover something new your body can do- rather than the trajectory we are currently on-where some days you discover your body can’t do what it did before?

If the system of praise and rewards from childhood followed you into the workplace- where simply knowing your name or asserting that you can say your ABC’s excited multitudes of people? (This one’s stolen from one of my FB status updates)

If the times you are running late (or heading to something really important) would not also coincide with the times you spill breakfast on yourself, lose power, realize you left the house without a critical item, or hit every single traffic light?

If it were as easy to lose weight as it seems to be to gain it?

If time were a commodity you could store up for the times you really needed it?

If the days where the phone never rings could borrow from the days where everybody calls at the same time, so that no day ever feels too lonely or too busy?

When a moment for which you have looked forward (and one which by it’s very nature can never happen again) starts to go wrong, everyone involved will realize the full magnitude for you and intervene on your behalf?

If gas tanks never needed to be filled? 

If money never ran out, leaving desire as the only consideration?

If the people you love never had to be hurt, move away, or die?  

If every good plan you ever made came to fruition and Plan H never became necessary?

I suppose if all those things (+ many others I didn’t mention) came true, we would be a character-less bunch. But I swear, some days I would be okay with that. :)

What would you add?


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Ruby Red Slippers said...

I think you covered it! Love your list...and plan H-it is funny how you get to that point when you didn't plan on it...
Hope all is going well with you....and the baby-soon, we have GOT to get together!