Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Making Room For Baby~ an unconventional baby's room

(Forgive the haziness of the image on the left~my 20mm lens needs repair. I included the image to give a sense of layout)

I have spent far too much time looking at designer baby rooms (ala Posh Tots and Pottery Barn Kids). I suppose that is why I was determined to not create a conventional baby nursery. When you spend too much time looking at catalogs with $75,000 custom made fantasy beds, it admittedly does leave you wanting more than what the local baby store has to offer. I also figured someday my daughter will want Hannah Montana, High School Musical or whatever other noxious theme is popular when she is older, so I am attempting to beat her will with a room I like. Since I can't in my wildest imagination dream of having the kind of money to spend 75Gs on a bed (!), I bought something I could afford, the gorgeous Barbie sketches by Robert Best. How they look online do not even do them justice; they are spectacular!

I love, love, love vintage fashion illustrations and have scoured google looking for graphic designers online selling them. Before finding Best's work, I stumbled across Elaine Biss and fell in love with her work. The sketch of the woman in the ball gown on the couch was my inspiration for the room; I built the rest of the plan around it. Elaine has been wonderful in adapting sizes and colors for me to fit my room scheme. I cannot say enough good things about her work.

Also adding to the room is the beautiful custom made vinyl monogram by
LolaDecor. Jamie was also wonderful in helping me coordinate my colors!

After I had all of my art picked out, I started looking at paint ideas. Pottery Barn had a beautiful boys room painted in a blue, white, and gray stripe pattern. I loved it and thought in pinks it would be a nice contrast against the art I had picked out. All I can say is, God bless my husband! I could never have undertaken such a project without him. He figured out all the math and mapped out each color sequence with painters tape and a level! I got off easy just doing the actual painting! Between all the taping, painting, waiting for the paint to set up before moving to the next color, and touch-ups, the painting took us four weeks (obviously planned around the rest of life..)! I promised us both if I ever have an idea like this again, I will hire a professional painter! But the payoff is that it did come out really nice. My husband did a perfect job! And I, being the perfectionist that I am, got the paint as perfect as one can get it without going completely mad.

I have enjoyed creating a room my daughter can grow into, and God willing she will love the room enough to keep it for more than a minute! ;-)



Ruby Red Slippers said...



I adore it-you did an amazing job, and the vintage prints are amazing-

See you tomorrow for Lunch!

trish said...

Hello. :o)
I am visiting today through Ruby Red Slippers. I too LOVE being outdoors and in the yard all day long if I could. :o) Any real serious decorating only takes place around here either when the weather is bad or it needs to be done. :o)
Your nursery is just gorgeous!
I am hosting a give a way each Monday of the month and would love for you to join in the fun with us. There is still time to enter this week's. I will announce the winner tomorrow morning.
Have a nice day and enjoy your lunch with RRS!! :o)
Sincerely ~ Trish

Amy said...

oh my! That is gorgeous! My almost 8 year old daughter would love it. I would love it! Awesome.

Love for a Lifetime said...

This is the most AMAZING baby's room I've seen!
Your daughter will truly love and appreciate it one day. She is blessed to have you as a all your wit, intelligence, perfectionism, talent, love and depth.

Our really empty nest said...

love love love it! I am also visiting thru Ruby Red Slippers, and am so glad i stopped by! Glad you two found each other again! Sue

Trudy said...

OH, MY!!! This is incredible! You most certainly are a perfectionist! And this is definitely your FIRST child! I haven't had time to do a project that involved since our first was born, but perhaps that's only me...;-) Beautiful!