Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random facts about me

  1. My face will always reveal my true feelings. I have no poker face.
  2. Whenever I get takeout the first thing I always have to do, is "fix" my food. (E.g.: more of this condiment, less of that, removal of items it wasn't supposed to include, etc...)
  3. You will never hear me claim to be patient. Ever. I prefer to label it "results driven."
  4. I have champagne tastes and beer pockets.
  5. I am extremely quick witted. I love watching peoples' heads spin while I knock 'em out rapid fire.
  6. I am not stereotypically female except when it comes to changing flat tires and killing bugs. That's what men are for.
  7. I am an efficiency expert. I should train others.
  8. I hate the sound of dragging feet. If your shoes make it too hard for you to pick your feet up, you really need to wear something else. Do that for me, K?
  9. Whenever I go to New York, I always treat myself to a ridiculously priced haircut at Frederic Fekkai. Love it!! (I swear the first time I went there, all the chi-chi's sounded an alarm that an intruder was present.)
  10. You can snow me and make me believe in the magic of your product if you are shampoo or soap, but not if you are fitness products. I am a die-hard and cannot be lulled into believing in "magical, effortless" ways to lose weight.
  11. I have loved God my whole life and cannot imagine my life without Him.
  12. I am freakishly strong and equipped with incredible amounts of stamina. (When I am not pregnant...which is why I cannot wait for the descent back to normal...)
  13. I have run and completed a marathon.
  14. I have the most unruly eyebrows ever. I always say they look like an old man when they need plucking. Fortunately for me, I also have the best eyebrow artist ever in Leslie. She is on a New York playing field, but I am oh so glad she calls Michigan home. I am her best before and after photo.
  15. I have a steel trap memory. I remember crazy things as far back as elementary school. I remember L. the kid who knocked down the concrete doll house my friend and I were building slowly over several recesses. Even remember what it looked like. Remembering conversations is a real strong point.
  16. When I am in a garden store or nursery, I may as well be hypnotized.
  17. You always know where you stand with me.
  18. I am very people rich. God has blessed me my whole life with wise people. He has also given me the grace to listen to them, which has spared me an immense amount of drama.
  19. I got sick on Chocolate Chip Cookie Crisp Cereal (do they still make it?) when I was five and have never recovered. I have hated cold cereals ever since. (I do like Oatmeal.)
  20. When recounting the extensive locations I have traveled, I am more likely to tell you about the best food finds. Anything else will require your prodding.  This is a characteristic that runs throughout my family.
Too much?



kenzsethia said...

Do you remember when you were getting your haircut in high school and the lady in the next chair begged me to let her "find my arches". I think my eyebrows rival yours!!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I loved reading all about you!!!
I am
S-L-O-W on the uptake-I will think of a comeback as I fall asleep...
The eyebrow thing-too funny! and reading the comment before me-Laughing right now!!!
(I got your card-thank you so much, and I am sooo glad we have established a friendship-I always admired you! Can't wait to meet your baby!)

Jaime said...

Too much? No! Give me more! I love reading your stuff! I've been trying to carve out some time to delve into your "archives"! :)

Things we have in common:
1, 3, 6, 10, 14 (and unfortunately, I notice the eyebrows of others and if they are, in fact, unruly #1 will kick in), and 15.

becca said...

I really enjoyed reading this! I am so thankful we have been friends for almost 20 yrs! That is crazy!