Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Running Rx (September Word Celebration)


I love to run...


It is the place that my mind is the most quiet. 

It is my prayer time. 


My grateful time.


I run to find God...


It is a spiritual metaphor. The mind willing the body into submission, much like the war between the flesh and the spirit. (Galatians 5:17) 


Each step, a shedding of the day's griefs and struggles.


Every bead of sweat hitting the ground, telling a tale of determination, persistence, and triumph.


It is Victory.


It is Freedom.


It is *Peace*.


It is another mile when you think you can’t go on... *Life*


It changes the body.


And the mind.


It reveals what you are made of.


And what you can be.


It is raw Strength.


It is your heart thanking you.

It is...

...the stride pounding the pavement, perfect to the beat of the rhythm, against the will of the body, in the company of the Almighty





Mommy Mac said...

So, I have just spent my morning at my kiddos' socer games. I have just eaten a huge cheeseburger for lunch and had no runnin plans for today...

Until your post.

Now, I am with iPod in hand and about to hit the door to go for a have inspired me!

I do love running....I completely agree about it being a place of prayer.

Wonderful post and picture!

Also, I love the new "word logos" you are doing for your daily word.

Fantastic....gotta run...literally!

.mac :)

Becca said...

It makes me smile knowing the above comment made you smile! You are inspiring! :)

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Wish I felt the same way about running-but I don't!
I love what you wrote, though, and could see what inspires you...
We were doing the football thing, as you know-
I haven't forgotten about your tables-in case you wondered! When I feel better, I plan to start a bit...
Hope baby and you are doing GREAT!!!
And hoping we can get together soon.
I need to be around more people who are taller than my gut! :)