Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What is Love, Then? (September Word Celebration)

I wrote this for my husband, 
who was gracious enough to let me share it here. 
Call it a summary...

 What is Love, then?

It is moments, both quiet and loud. 
Whispers and screams. 
Mountains peaks and endless valleys.
The heartiest of laughter.
The bitterest of grief.
God in my pocket... God in my questions.
Beginnings and endings.
Holidays and everydays.
Bills and blessings.
In and out of control.
The fire of new challenge, the ashes of past hope.
Nose to the grindstone, head to the floor. 
Bounding and falling.
Times of Jesus.
Times of me.
Sprinting, crawling, Exhaling, gasping...
Sacrifice, bounty, projects, car accidents, vacations, cups of tea, mocha highs, career lows...
Trusting God.
Where is God?
Shoulder taps from God.
Falling Christmas trees.
Desks as room dividers (my husband's first and last decorating suggestion).
Obsession, neurosis...
Sighing, laughing, breathing, walking, running....
A million moments weaved together by God, to be the most tremendous gift, sharing all of it with you.


1 comment:

Mommy Mac said...

You rock!

I LOVE this!

I like the juxtaposition of 2 extremes as a reoccuring theme in the text.

Isn't life one thing and then in one breathe the total opposite?


.mac :)