Monday, September 13, 2010

They Leave All Kinds of Prints (September Word Celebration)

These are some of the beautiful shoes my daughter will probably never wear.

Her feet are long enough, but have not yet become fat enough to keep them on. 

So every day she sets a new record for how fast she can kick them off. 

By the time her feet are chunky enough to hold them, they will be too small.

So they stay beautiful but serve no purpose and see no life.

But it will not always be so...

Some day, they will protect her, give people an impression of who she is and where she is going...

Will she live in these like her mother? 
  Or will she climb the corporate ladder in these?

Will she step into someone else’s shoes when their time is over?

Or will she wear her own where nobody has yet tread?

Will she lead or be content to follow?

Will she walk among the sick and the sorrowful? 

Will she prefer to skip, run, or walk? 

Will she walk with grace, and compassion?

Whatever shoes she wears, I pray they will leave behind footprints that are following Jesus.



Ruby Red Slippers said...

I love the shoes...all of them!
(I adore shoes, so I like the word of the day!)
But how you tied it together at the true, and such a prayer of my heart for my boys-

Mommy Mac said...

Shoes are a great way to outwardly express.

I think they can say a lot about a person.

I really am loving those girly shoes in the top picture.

Man, we are limited to Crocs, church shoes, sneakers, and cowboy boots for our boys....I like the cowboy boots best!

.mac :)

Mommy Mac said...
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