Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Opportunity with a Side Salad (September Word Celebration)

Before I had a cat of my own, I had no idea that they begged for food like dogs. Had no idea that they would eat beef. Or spaghetti. 

My cat will come of hiding at the mere sound of tin foil or plastic bags, certain that food is the usual companion to those sounds.

When I prepare dinner, she waits on the table, sure she is that a place will be set for her.

 I will not lie. Before the baby came, my cat was the baby. So she is no stranger to being spoiled.

Now that you understand her background, you may fully appreciate her crime.

Last Week my husband and I had sat down to a dinner of Pecan Encrusted Trout (mmm!), when the baby began to scream without ceasing. 

Failed attempts at calming her and a call to the Pediatrician's office later, we were abandoning dinner and heading out the door to the ER.

And. that’s. when. I. saw. her.  
Oblivious to the situation before us, my cat was eating the fish off our plates, drinking the milk out of our glasses, and licking the pan still sitting on the oven.

So opportunity greeted her like an old friend.
She saw it. 
Welcomed it.
And seized it.



Mommy Mac said...

Soemtimes that's just what you have to do!

Seize it!

I like that!

.mac :)

kenzsethia said...

Good story...ummm, what's the ending? the baby?? okay?? : )